Farmers in rural India face incredible financial struggles on a daily basis. The cycle of poverty traps not only them, but their children as well, who will likely grow up to face the same challenges that their parents did. Take a look below to examine some of the causes and effects of extreme farmer poverty.  



Poverty among the rural population in India is an extremely complex issue that cannot be reduced to a single cause. In arid areas such as Rajasthan, crop failure is a constant concern that can completely cripple a farmer whose income depends largely on crops. Excessive taxation is another factor that often pushes rural households below the financial waterline. Substantial debt is therefore one of the most significant factors driving rural poverty trends.   


Financial insecurity can indirectly give rise to a number of other issues. Often times, when household income dips sharply, children are forced to work in order to increase the economic stability of the family unit. The basic needs of farming families can be compromised due to a lack of financial resources.  The extreme result of poverty is farmer suicide which unfortunately has become an increasingly prevalent phenomenon in recent years.